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Expert Branding and Design Firm

Sandlot Studios® is an expert branding and design firm creating distinctly designed and targeted brands.

We custom tailor our services to meet your needs, creating the best branding and design solution to grow your business. Our clients have realized a return on their branding investment. Serving our customers is very important to the culture of our company and appreciated by our clients. We work with you as you desire–meetings one-on-one, phone, email, Skype® – as your branding and design firm, we serve you. Ask yourself, what matters for growth and recognition of your brand? What drives up the value of your company? What your customers think about you and building brand equity.

Our clients range from new start-ups to international corporations. No matter the size of your company, service or product, branding you uniquely and making your company, service or product memorable, is what we do! With over 25 years of branding and design experience, our team is well equipped with the knowledge and expert design skills needed to draw awareness to your company.

Expert brand building services:

Some of our National and International clients

• Consulting
• Research & Naming

• Strategic Branding

• Marketing

• Brand Identity Packages

• Logos

• Web sites

• Social Media

• Email Marketing

• Advertising campaigns

• Media placement

Each page of our web site has a unique, memorable movie headline. This is to show our clients that branding occurs even with a phrase from a movie – memorable. It evokes to your memory the movie, where you were, your feelings and who you shared them with. As you peruse our web site, see how we used movie phrases to coincide with our services. This is an example of great branding.